Welcome to PJ5/SP9FIH , PJ5/SP9FOW, PJ5/SP9MQA

Going home - final look at our QTH

Sint Eustatius

QSL cards





























Fish soup



Darek SP9MQA made delicious fish soup. We recommend him as excellent operator, awesome cook and perfect supplier.


We hear their cry




















Sunsets in Sint Eustatius

High power




40m band operation

From today until the end of our dxpedition we will use 40m. No more 60m.





Few photos of our antennas














































FT8 confusion


We have feedback from few stations that on 17m strange callsigns appear (PJ5/SP9FIH and PJ5/SP6SOZ) when PJ5/SP9FOW should be the only one. Until now we did not find out what is the reason but be carefull what you are logging.






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